Dr. Irit Cohen L.Ac., DAcCHM

Dr. Irit will be offering community acupuncture regularly at the studio as well as private appointments.

Irit’s journey with Chinese medicine began when she had her first visit with an acupuncturist at the age of nineteen. After having suffered health challenges throughout childhood with no relief from conventional medicine, she decided to seek out alternative treatment. The welcoming and warm atmosphere was unlike any experience she had with other health care providers and she was amazed at the level of compassion the acupuncturist exhibited. This engagement was very empowering for her after decades of feeling untreatable as a patient, but more importantly, she experienced palpable results without side effects after the very first treatment. In that moment she was inspired to dedicate her life to the knowledge and practice of Chinese medicine.

Irit has a particular interest in working with patients who suffer from complex illness patterns although she is passionate about supporting anyone on their wellness journey. As the aim of Chinese medicine is to restore balance, Chinese medicine is effective in treating countless conditions. 

Irit has a Master’s degree and a clinical Doctorate in Chinese medicine from AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine. While her formal education has come to a close, Irit considers herself to be on a lifelong learning journey. Some of Irit’s other explorations include Traditional (including Medical) Astrology, Quantum Physics, Sound Healing and various forms of Energy Work. Irit’s treatment approach includes modalities such as Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal medicine, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, as well as Qigong instruction. Irit has found that it is often the simplest solutions that bring about the most profound change.

Initial appointment, 1.5 hours: $138

Subsequent appointments, 1 hour: $98

Please call the studio at 732-606-4645 to make an appointment