Infrared Sauna

full spectrum infrared sauna with bluetooth, chromotherapy, and halotherapy
full spectrum infrared sauna

Enter the full-spectrum infrared sauna to detoxify the body, reduce back and joint pain, increase immunity, clear the skin, and lighten your mood. Connect to the Bluetooth speakers from your phone to listen to your favorite soothing music. Allow the colors of the chromotherapy to wash over you. You may also choose to use the halotherapy machine in the sauna to add the element of salt air to your session. The salt air will strengthen the respiratory system and soothe allergy-related symptoms.

1 person: $40 + tax

2 people: $50 + tax

5-card 1 person: $175 + tax

5-card 2 people: $250 + tax

10-card 1 person: $300 + tax

10-card 2 people: $400 + tax

add $5 per session for halotherapy (salt air therapy)

All sessions are 30-45 minutes, depending on the user’s preference.

Please use the FitDegree app or call/text 732-606-4645 for an appointment